Why We Founded The WIDL Ones

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January 1, 2022

Committed to helping children develop healthy self-esteem.

We believe that self-esteem is one of the most important things that children need in order to grow into confident, grounded adults and we are committed to investing our resources to ensure that all children have an opportunity to develop it.

Financially, mentally, and emotionally.

That's why we founded the widl ones.

For every widl bracelet purchased, partial proceeds get invested into developing education and supporting organizations committed to helping children from all backgrounds better understand their own identities and develop self-esteem.

You can check out our work through our #thewidlones activations, as well as through our partner organizations!

A better tomorrow start with the right changes today today.

As widl's platform continues to grow and expand, we view it as one of our primary responsibilities to use this vehicle to continue to expand the conversation around children's mental health, and to stand for a future where all children grow up in secure, healthy environments.

widl is proud to be invest in actions today that will yield a strong tomorrow and is committed to prioritizing this purpose.

why we give: the compounding gift of esteem.

widl believes that the right decisions can today can reap rewards for generations and there is no better place to start than with our children.

By building the right foundation today, the children we impact can grow up to be strong, courageous adults that stand firmly in love, then go on to raise a generation of children who do the same.

While it is early days for our vision with widl, we see organizations like ours being able to take on a different role in our communities, and can act as vehicles that build a fabric that help all of us thrive.


widl exists to help you deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and with love. We are your simple reminder to breathe deep when you want to tighten – your nudge to open when you want to close. We exist to help all of us stand confidently in who we are, to foster a deep sense of self, an openness of others, and a willingness to move through life with compassion.

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let’s rewrite the
story together.

We see a future where our relationship with love is the most profound relationship we foster.

A future where we all of us have the opportunity to develop a deep sense of self, a loving acceptance of others, and a willingness to lean into love.

Let's rewrite the narrative.

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