raising our standards.

for ourselves, for others, and for our relationship with love.

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we founded widl with one simple mission: to help you deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, and with love.

we exist to be that simple reminder to breathe deeper when you want to tighten – a nudge to open when you want to close.

to help all of us stand confidently in who we are, to foster a deep sense of self, an openness of others, and a willingness to move through life with compassion.

widl exists to help all of us redefine our relationship with love.

for every bracelet purchased by you, we invest proceeds to help children develop positive self-esteem through "the widl ones".


what we stand for.

we stand for a world where each of us feels free to embrace who we are, while nurturing ourselves to work towards who we want to be.


Our mission is to create simple tools that help all of us bring more love, openness, and acceptance into our lives. To act as a beacon for what's possible. And to be a simple reminder wherever and whenever you need it.


We see a world where the fabric of our society is rooted in esteem, where love is our immediate reaction, and where all of us have the tools and ability to hold space and understanding.

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"we created widl as a subtle reminder that you always have a choice...
when in doubt, love."

the widl ones.

We believe that self-esteem is one of the most important things that children need in order to grow into confident, grounded adults and we are committed to investing our resources to ensure that all children have an opportunity to develop it.

That's why for every bracelet purchased by you, we invest partial proceeds in organizations that help develop self-esteem in kids!

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"when in doubt, love."

julian DeSchutter
Widl Founder

let’s rewrite the
story together.

We see a future where our relationship with love is the most profound relationship we foster.

A future where we all of us have the opportunity to develop a deep sense of self, a loving acceptance of others, and a willingness to lean into love.

Let's rewrite the narrative.

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